General from the Jungle (Jungle Novels) (Paperback) (Used) (Word Up)

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B. Traven

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With General from the Jungle, the sixth and last of B. Traven's legendary Jungle Novels, Ivan R Dee completes the republication of this multivolume fictional epic of the birth of the Mexican Revolution. In General, a masterpiece on guerrilla warfare, Traven tells the story of Juan Mendez, perhaps the youngest and greatest of the Indian rebel chieftains, who leads an ill-equipped and hungry band against the government forces. With brilliance and cunning, Mendez brutally attacks the federally protected fincas. The book is filled with marvelously drawn characters, yet the true hero is the army itself--illiterate, uneducated, and poor, but resourceful and dangerous. Beyond his great storytelling, Traven's work has a special resonance today because of recent uprisings in the Chiapas highlands of southern Mexico, the very locale of his writings.

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