Spitting in the Wind: Lessons in Empowerment from the Caribbean (Paperback) (Used) (Word Up)

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Suzanne Francis Brown (Editor)
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Suzanne Francis-Brown is a writer with a double life! She writes for children and loves playing with words, solving puzzles, painting spaces and getting to know the characters that inhabit them. She’s a fan of those stories that create places that feel real to those visiting them through books and e-books. She also admits to being a journalist, lecturer and historian who has worked on various subjects, and to loving the process of research and story creation.

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These Caribbean case studies explore empowerment through civil society action. Its title reflects an inherent contradiction that the very efforts being celebrated here may rebound in the faces of the activists who initiate them; yet these men and women struggle on, and sometimes their efforts take root. The stories straddle the Caribbean, reflecting individual and organisational experiences from Belize to Jamaica, the Windward Islands to Guyana. They also reflect aspects of the region’s racial and cultural diversity, and point up some of its socio-economic challenges. In so doing, they show where Caribbean people share ways of thinking, rooted in common experiences, even while acknowledging different national contexts and different individual and organisational perspectives. Through this volume, the outcome of a Commonwealth Foundation initiative, the authors share their experiences with others, and adduce real and relevant lessons which may resonate with other civil society activists near and far. Published by Ian Randle Publishers, Jamaica, in association with the Commonwealth Foundation.

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