CSB Basic Membership


The Word Up CSB (Community Supported Bookshop) is a bookshop member program modeled on neighborhood CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), which help local farmers sustain their operations. Members pay in advance and share in the risk and reward that a farmer faces in a season. CSA veggies usually tastes much better than supermarket veggies because it is fresh and local—and grown with love! The Word Up CSB also comprises upfront seasonal payment or a monthly recurring payment, the risk and reward, the fresh, the local, the love—but instead of tomatoes we provide you with BOOKS!

Basic Share is $20. When you join, you receive a hand-silkscreened tote bag, 6 wooden coins redeemable for used books, and special member-only opportunities like Book Harvests. You can redeem your coins one at a time, or you can redeem them all at once. You can buy multiple CSBs, or they make great gifts* for your book-loving family and friends! Most important, you will know that the money you commit to the Word Up CSB will help keep us in the neighborhood, and will help us stay community-run.

*If you are buying a member for someone else, please email us at orders@wordupbooks.com with your order number, and the recepient's information.

Price: $20.00